Writing Retirement Acceptance Letter


Every company/ industry / corporate office / government establishment / educational institution / school/ college/ hospital / airports /research organization etc. has to work smoothly for the purposes they are established. They should be useful to the public. The service orders and service regulations are prepared as well as adopted in their organization. Many procedures are written down in these books.

However, to maintain smooth functioning, the companies have kept their skilled employees ready for facing any situation of their field. Employees are bound to join and resign /retire from the services of the company.

In some companies, VRS scheme is declared, and the employees who want to leave the company will submit their Retirement letter. In other companies, the employee who wants to leave the company and planned to join other company will also submit his retirement letter along with the notice period as per policy. In any case, unless otherwise there is a specific agreement to serve the company for some particular number of years after training,  between employer and employee, the retirement letter is to be accepted as per the companies S. O. & S. R.

Once the decision of acceptance of Retirement of the person applied is taken, the job for the preparation of retirement is initiated as per procedure. A letter of acceptance of his retirement proposal is intimated if required with conditions of completion of his previous assignments within the notice period.

Retirement Acceptance Letter Sample

The following is a sample of Writing Retirement Acceptance Letter


Johnson Gloria,

H. R. Department

BEST, 4, Nepean sea road,

Mumbai 400025

Telephone – +91 22 44444444

Email – Gloriaj@gmail.com



A J John

Chief Engineer,

22, New Avenue,

Mumbai 400016.

Telephone – +91 22 77777777

Email – Johjaj@gmail.com

Subject: Retirement Acceptance

Dear John,

We receive your letter proposing your retirement after completing a dedicated service of 30 years at the age of 55 years, at the position of Chief Engineer of Electricity Distribution License. Your letter was placed before the Managing Director, and he has given consent to your proposal of retirement, and therefore, now the proposal will be placed before the Board of Directors in the meeting being scheduled in next week.

Keeping in mind your valuable contribution to the functioning of Distribution System, it is felt that the board of directors will approve your proposal, but officially it will be intimated to you later.

Referring to the period at the time of joining, the lot of developments have taken place in the field, and I am glad that all these new developments are adopted in our system as of now. The accidents used to happen, in the old open frame switch gears, however, we have adopted new technology of draw out type cubicle technology in switchgear. This prevented accidents due to design deficiency. The second change that was adopted was cable fault testing, which earlier took a week’s time to pinpointing a cable failure. With the introduction of the cable fault testing van, this trial period has come to 2 to 3 hours.

We are fortunate enough that we have introduced and adopted these technologies and you were an important part of all these significant changes.

The official letter of Acceptance of your Retirement from the services of the company will be soon intimated to you after Body of Directors officially accept your proposal of Retirement in their scheduled meeting.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Johnson Gloria,

H. R. Manager.

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