Writing An Invitation Letter


The invitation is a great word because for a grand celebration, we first invite God, Goddess, take their blessings and we then inform relatives, friends, and others. Drafting an Invitation Letter depends on the purpose for which it is drafted. The first type of Invitation Letter is Marriage Invitation, the most popular invitation letter, of which many standard formats are available in the market. The second one is for celebrating the birthday Invitation letter.

There are also other reasons like son or daughter returning from states / abroad after a long time.

All festivals and joyous occasions are meant to be celebrated with friends and family, and no function or party is complete without them. If you are planning your festive party or birthday party or someone else’s, you will need to write a party invitation letter is written mentioning details of the venue and what guests can expect and make the party memorable.

If it’s an Invitation Letter for Annual Staff Party, it is drafted by a company to let the staff members know that they are invited to the annual gathering. The party is attended by the top management and board of directors of the company. They address the individual to express their sincere appreciation for the staff member’s efforts and generous input into the overall success and development of the organization. The annual staff party offers a fantastic opportunity to get acquainted with the business elites.

Invitation Letter Sample


Priya Kapoor,

West Riverside Road

L.A. 5667493



Viren Kapoor

Tulip Square

Canada, 6544437


Subject: Invitation Letter.


Dear Brother,

Diwali is coming soon and its time to celebrate. According to our usual celebration tradition, I would like to once again invite you and your family for the Diwali celebration at our vacation home on DD/MM/YYYY. There is also a theme party as we are going to celebrate our daughter’s birthday which falls right after Diwali. So dress code for the party is black and white with glitter. I would love to have you here before the guests arrive so we can decorate the house.

Mother and Father are also keen to see you since you couldn’t make it last time. Also, I have been waiting to meet Divya and Soham. They must be enjoying their vacations I suppose. Rahul (writer’s husband) is also looking forward to meeting Shyla (her brother’s wife) after a good two years. We have prepared some fun games and activities, and I am sure that your children will thoroughly enjoy Diwali with us.

I wait to see all of us have a great time once again. I have also called Mishal (Brother) and his fiancée, both of whom have already confirmed their presence.

I even invited my boss this year. The employment relationship between us has grown well over the past eight months, and I am privileged to have him as my boss. I consider him a true friend and a part of the family. I would now like to introduce him to my close relatives and old friends, all of whom will gather to celebrate Christmas.

Kindly reply back as soon as possible and prepare for a fantastic time on the DD/MM/YYYY.

Hope to see you on that day.  Diwali won’t be the same without you.

Yours Lovingly,

Priya Kapoor.

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