Writing A Retirement Letter


Retirement letter is required to be written by an employee, firstly, under a condition when company has declared a Voluntary Retirement Scheme, secondly, when a person is consistently sick and requires leave frequently, thirdly, when a person wants to change the job, the parents of a person are ill and need long time personal attention, etc. Thus an employee initiates retirement letter under either good or bad circumstances.

In some cases, the employee submits a resignation letter if he has acquired sufficient funds so that he/she can continue further education, also there are some cases who change their job for job satisfaction in the field of their liking. There are some employees who resign after getting a job at a place near to their native place.  It is also required to be noted by every person that to seek a job is not an easy task for any individual. It is, therefore, very essential for every person to understand the after effects of sending an retirement letter if it is under voluntary retirement without reaching the age of natural retirement. It is not a small decision. Hence the letter of retirement is to be drafted carefully. The companies also send a letter of Retirement to their employees three or six months before date of retirement.

Sample Letter


Johnson Gloria

242, Nepean sea road,

Mumbai 400025.

Telephone – +91 22 44444444

Email – gloriaj@email.com



A J John

Managing Director


Mumbai 400016

Subject: Retirement Announcement

Dear John

I have completed 20 years of service in your organization with truthfulness, punctuality, and sincerity, but I have not been given any promotion ever since, and I am constant at this post of superintendent for last 7years, there seems to be no promotional prospects shortly as well. Now that the company has adopted the VRS policy and given these facts, as well as the demand in other enterprises of the persons having this skill, I would like to submit Letter of Retirement under Voluntary Retirement Scheme.

In case my retirement letter is not accepted under VRS scheme, then too, I am going to leave this company. As every business requires a notice period of three months before an employee resigns, kindly consider the period of three months from DD/MM/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY as notice period, during which my final payment bills may be processed, and I will be relieved on DD/MM/YYYY.

An experience and character certificate may be issued to me during this period.

Thanking You,

Yours sincerely

Johnson Gloria,




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