Writing A Proposal Letter


A Proposal Letter is usually written by one employee to his head or by one company to another. A proposal letter introduces the nature of the proposal to the people concerned and also mentions the employees or other individuals involved in the proposal.

Now, business requires excellent communication skills and hence, plays a vital role in helping you achieve all your targets. Whatever you write in the proposal letter shall be conveyed appropriately because it is important that your message has been understood by all only after which you will get a positive response.

The proposal letter requires only the relevant details of your goal. You do not need to mention any other details apart from the ones required in the proposal. You can also include the necessary terms and conditions associated with the business proposal.

You can end the letter by thanking the reader for devoting their precious time in reading your letter and furthermore, giving consideration to the same. Given below is an e.g. of a Proposal Letter which you can refer to while writing your proposal letter.




Kriya Harold,

HR Manager,

Inglot Enterprises,

Lotus Square Park,

Mahim West,




Richard Singh,

Managing Director,

Inglot Enterprises,

Lotus Square Park,

Mahim West,


Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to you as I had a proposal in mind which would help us gain more profits for our company. What I feel is that even though are marketing strategies for selling our products is strong, we are not able to make profits as we are not able to reach out to a large number of the crowd that can benefit our market. What I feel along with other marketing mediums we can start off with campaigns that will help us reach out to more people. We can have youngsters that can give media coverage to the event. This way we will end up giving a chance to the upcoming talent, and we will not have to pay them an enormous amount of money.

I have discussed this with my team as well as the Marketing Head, they liked the idea and had asked me to discuss the same with you. I have enclosed a document of all the events that we can do along with campaigns so that we can increase our brand recognition and profits.

Do let me know what you think about this idea.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,

Kriya Harold.



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