Writing A Promotion Letter


A Promotional Letter is written informing the person for their promotion to a higher position. For this letter, you may or may not mention the rise of the amount in their salary if any. This is a formal letter which is written to inform and congratulate the person about their new position. You may mention any new responsibilities or any other news related to their promotion which they are supposed to know. Mention the date and the address the person well while writing the letter. And do not forget to end the letter with good wishes and addressing the sender.

Down below is an example for writing a promotional letter. You may take a look to get an idea of the letter. Where the content may vary from person to person or from firm to firm. Hence, you may alter the content as per your needs.

Writing A Promotional Letter:

Following is an example of the promotional letter to give you an idea for the same:

Dream Innovations Co. Ltd.
1675 Terry Lane
Orlando, FL 32801
335 Briarwood Road
Springfield, MO 65806
RE: Promotional Letter
Dear Rosa J. Lemley,
We are pleased to inform you that you have been promoted from a Marketing Associate to the Marketing Junior Head at our firm – Dream Innovation Co. Ltd. Congratulations on being among the senior staff of your department. It has been five years since you are working with us and your talent has always been appreciated along with your innovative and new ideas. The marketing team is honored to have you as one of the heads. It has been a great experience to work with you since the beginning. With your friendly nature, positive, motivational and inspiring attitude and a great team spirit you have proved us to be not only a great team mate but also a great leader.
We shall issue the same to the Board of Directors of the company. You’ll soon receive your first raise. All the required formalities are yet to be completed and so you are expected to visit me in my office tomorrow for the same. Also, the team is planning a small lunch party as part of the company’s custom, the next week. Your cabin will soon be ready and you can start working in a couple of days. Looking forward to working with you with your new assigned position.  Thank you.
Manuel M. Ruby
Marketing Executive
Dream Innovations Co. Ltd.

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