Writing A Love Letter


A love letter to your beloved is written to express your gratitude towards them.  To show how much you value them and how grateful you are to have them. For some people, it is a way to express your heartfelt feelings, while others think of it as a romantic gesture. Both ways it is simply a pleasure for their partner to receive it and to know such lovely thoughts from their loved ones. It is highly an informal letter, but like any other letter, the format has to be followed. Address the receiver well and do not forget to mention the date.

While writing the letter, you may mention some of their habits or things about them that you adore or you could even talk about some of the special moments you have had with them. Also, it is not necessary to call them with their real name; you could instead write “love” or even use their nickname. Down below is an example of a love letter to further help you out with the writing of it. Follow the steps and take notes from the following:


Love Letter:

A sample love letter has been shown below for some ease, take a look:

213 Randolph Street
Natick, MA 01760


648 McDowell Street
Unionville, TN 37180

Dear Barbara,

I am writing to express my undying love for the angel in my life who changed everything about and around me right from the moment she entered, for good. You are a blessing my love. It would be less to say that I love you. You have been such a perfect partner for me since the beginning. A humble person that you have always been with me and helped me out in every moment. From listening to all my problems be it related to family or work or anything else, you have always been right beside me with brilliant advice every time while making me a better person side-by-side. You have always been so patient with me while I struggled to get over my drug addiction. Had I not met you, would it have been possible to change into the person I am today? Certainly not. I can never be grateful enough to have you as my wife now.

Now it has been ten years to that, and we are a happy family now with two beautiful daughters. Every Sunday when we go to the church, all I wish for is for you to have all the happiness in this world while we work to give the same to our daughters. Sometimes it is so hard for me to express the feelings I have for you in words, it is so much more beyond that. My love, our anniversary is coming the next month, and I want to take our family to the city of love, i.e., Paris. I know you always wanted to visit that place and so here is a little gift for you. I will be home by dinner from my business trip this Saturday and would expect you to start preparing for the journey soon. Lots of love.


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