Work Reference Letter

Work Reference LetterIntroduction:

Before a candidate is recruited as a full-time employee by a company, the firm conducts a thorough background check to verify the person’s credentials and information he or she has given in their resume.

Many a time they may also ask for a person of contact from your previous workplace to ask about your contribution to the company, your strengths, and weaknesses.

In essence, a Work reference letter is written for an employee as a reference to another company. It is written by the previous company stating the character or job performance of the ex-employee. This letter is helpful in seeking other employment. A well-performing employee usually gets a work reference letter.

Ensure that you have given the reference of your senior such as that of your manager or president. As companies only regard information given by a superior of the candidate. This ensures objectivity and an unbiased view.

Work Reference Letter Sample


Rodney A. Tombs

Managing Director

Far East Agency

97 Hillside Drive
Cambridge, MA 02141


Subject: Reference Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is in response to a background check conducted by your company for one of our ex-employees. It is to verify that Ms. Kate Johnson was an employee at Far East Agency from YYYY to YYYY. She was holding the position of Receptionist during her three-year tenure at the Far East Agency.

Ms. Johnson is a very dedicated employee with good values and a high sense of responsibility. She is punctual to work and takes the initiative to assist wherever she can, not limiting herself to her post only. She is often seen going above and beyond the work that is assigned to her. She is seen handling calls for clients and scheduling meetings whenever situations required her to do so.

She has a pleasant personality and is always polite to her customers. She has received many good comments from her customers and all who interacted with her. In her time here, we have seen her grow exponentially. She has a good hand over tracking software such as Ex which is required to schedule meetings.

We assure you that we have absolutely no complaints from her work style and guarantee that she will be a 100% dedicated to whatever task that is given to her. She will not only perform the task but excel at it as well.

I am sure Ms. Johnson will be a definite asset to any company that hires her.

We wish Ms. Johnson the best of success in her future endeavors.

Yours truly,

Rodney A. Tombs

Managing Director

Far East Agency

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