Work Reference Letter, Sample & Format

Work Reference LetterA Work reference letter is written for an employee as a reference to another company. It is written by the previous company stating the character or job performance of the ex-employee. This letter is helpful in seeking other employment. A well-performing employee usually gets a work reference letter.


Rodney A. Tombs

Managing Director

Far East Agency

97 Hillside Drive
Cambridge, MA 02141

August 25, 2010

To Who It May Concern

This letter is written to verify that Ms. Kate Johnson was an employee at Far East Agency from 2007 to 2010. She was holding the position of Receptionist during her tenure at the Far East.

Ms. Johnson is a very dedicated employee with good values and a high sense of responsibility. She is punctual to work and takes the initiative to assist wherever she can, not limiting herself to her post only.

She has a pleasant personality and is always polite to her customers. She has received many good comments from her customers and all who interacted with her.

I am sure Ms. Johnson will be a definite asset to any company that hires her.

We wish Ms. Johnson the best of success in her endeavors.

Yours truly,

Rodney A. Tombs

Managing Director

Far East Agency


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