Work Certification Letter

The Work Certification Letter is written to whosoever has worked with you for a specific period, be it on a particular position or as a collaboration with you or your firm. The certificate is issued separately with all the important dates such as date of joining and the last date of working. You express your gratitude towards them and thank them for the same while ending the letter with good wishes to them. This is a formal letter written by the firm or head responsible for the issue of the letter or certificate.

The content may vary from firm to firm or from person to person but to get a rough idea you may take a look at the letter given below. Make sure to address the person well. Do not forget to write the date and the subject of the letter. Down below is an example of a work certification letter.

Work Certification Letter:

Following is an example of work certification letter:

The Building Plans
1374 Rainy Day Drive
Boston, MA 02110
176 Southside Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90063
Re: Work Certification Letter
Dear Richard C. Angel,
This is to inform you regarding your certificate for working as an Assistant Architect at my firm – The Building Plans. You have successfully completed your bond of one and a half year, and as per your request we have accepted your resignation letter and have issued your certificate of work with us. You will be receiving your certificate very soon.
It was great to have you on our team. Your work of experience was of great help to our interns and us. Taking you as one of the best teammates we would be glad to have you on our team anytime or if you would want to collaborate with our firm in the future for any project. We see a great potential in you and are also willing to give you a raise if you wish to continue with us. We would be pleased to have you again with us. We shall discuss the salary if you wish to continue. You may soon get in touch with us for the same.
Since we have issued the certificate and other papers in your name, do contact us if you do not receive it within next ten days. Wishing you good luck for future.
Yours Sincerely,
Peter T. Mann
The Head Architect

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