Withdrawing A Resignation Letter


When an employee is leaving a job, it is mandatory to submit a resignation letter to the employer. The reason behind this can be any such as better pay, relocation, high education, promotion in another organization, etc. In case the employee does not want to leave a project if there are more work and recognition a letter needs to be framed saying the withdrawal of the resignation letter. But it is always important to have a cordial relationship with the previous company for various reasons such as handling contacts better and also for future references in a career.

However, it needs to be formal and crisp. The letter not only needs to communicate the reasons for the withdrawal but also include a thank you to all your colleagues and boss for understanding. Apart from this, including details about your further plans and the knowledge transition information, in brief, would be a good gesture. To communicate the withdrawal along with the reasons, a resignation withdrawal letter would be the ideal medium. A well-written letter helps to maintain amicable relations with the company.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample letter for Withdrawing A Resignation Letter.


Seely Booth,

2212 Palmer Towers,

Marine Drive,





Ms. Camille Saroyan,


Jefferson Technologies,



Subject: Withdrawal of Resignation

Dear Ms. Saroyan,

I am writing to inform you of my decision to withdraw my resignation from my post of Assistant Chief Engineer from Jefferson Technologies. Please consider this letter as my withdrawal for the resignation letter that I had submitted last week. After a deep discussion with the HR and understanding, various policies in place for me to avail so as to balance my work life with my 2-year-old daughter has to lead me to decide not to leave the company and withdraw my resignation. Also, I feel that I need to take up this challenge of handling both and find a midway to make the best of both worlds happen.

Kindly consider my resignation withdrawal. I also see more work coming in as well as my position increasing and these are also factors that I had considered while withdrawing my resignation. This will take my career a big step forward, along with a substantial raise in pay. After my discussion with the HR, I was given a roadmap of the organization’s goals as well as mine which will be on the same lines.

Please forward my resignation withdrawal letter to the concerned teams so as to stop the resignation processing. I am really sorry for all the trouble I am giving you. I will await your confirmation on the same.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

Seeley Booth.


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