Winner Announcement Letter


When a person performs well and wins a particular competition, the winner is recognized and sends a letter of appreciation. It is a motivation to the person to perform much better in future. It is a kind of recognition the person receives from the management. This can be in the form of rewards or awards or both. This boosts up the confidence of the one who has won and makes him perform better and continue to keep up the good work and also motivates the ones who did not win to perform better and be recognized.

A person winner announcement letter needs to clearly mention the reason for which he was chosen. This will not only help the winner understand his strengths but also make another know that the winner deserves to be recognized so as to avoid further possible conflicts. It should also contain which team he belongs to and when was the outstanding contribution made. Also, the details of the reward and award need to be specified in the letter so that the person who has won will know what he would be getting for his outstanding performance and stand out as the winner.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Winner Announcement Letter.


Madhav Krishnan,

HOD, Engineering Department, Infotech Ltd., Bangalore.



Vishal Kumar,

Engineering Department, Infotech Ltd., Bangalore

Subject: Winner Announcement Letter

Dear Mr. Kumar,

I am writing this letter to congratulate you on your success in completing the prestigious project and winning the award for the best project. It is certainly a treat to the eyes to watch your team perform. Great thank you to you for achieving this task so well. It was your guidance and support that made the team perform soo well.

The management sincerely appreciates your role in the success and hopes that you will continue in a similar manner in future as well. The company recognizes you as a star performer as well for this achievement and your high contribution in facilitating the project to completion with high quality is appreciated and valued by the company.

Our company has been motivating all the teams to perform well. Our management knows the value of work. Dedicated persons are always recognized for their efforts. We believe that it is very important to recognize the efforts and appreciate deserving employees to encourage them and bring out the best in them along with motivating them to do better as well. You will not only be rewarded with the star performer and best project award but also you will be receiving a cash bonus of 15% to your package and also an Amazon voucher of 5000INR.

We thank you once again and congratulate you for rendering your valuable services to the company.

We wish you all the best for your team in their future endeavors.

Yours Sincerely,

Madhav Krishnan,

General Manager,

Infotech Ltd.


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