Wedding Letter

Wedding Letter


A Wedding letter can be an invitation to a wedding which either the bride or groom writes to their close friends or family members as a personal invite. It could state the good news as well as enclose a personal request to assist during the wedding. It can be written informally and expressively to reflect the joy of the upcoming event. A wedding invite letter is one very special letter that one writes. He is naturally in anticipation of everyone attending the marriage ceremony. This letter does not mandatorily have to be a short one, but since so many letters have to be written, it is advised to be precise.

Make the letter warm and inviting and pour your heart into it. It is suggested to keep it simple and lucid. When written to a person at workplace maintain the precise nature and make it short and precise.

Sample letter:

Given below is the sample of a wedding letter.


Debbie Dobson,

221 Lakeview Road,
San Diego, CA 6392.



Amelia Wilson,

41 Rhinestone Avenue,
California, CA 32103.

Subject: Invitation to the wedding.

Dearest Amy,

I am getting married! Yes, finally! Richard and I have decided to tie the knot. He proposed to me on my birthday last year while we were enjoying a romantic dinner at the beach. I was so taken aback when he popped the question after some street musicians serenaded us with a couple of songs. It was so romantic. I couldn’t say no when Richard went on his knees to propose. You cannot understand how overwhelming a feeling this is; it is as if I can\t wait to tell you everything. I think everything turned out to be so perfect. All my life, I thought where was everything going but ever since I met Richard, Amy, everything, every single thing that happened makes sense. I am so glad I met him. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, Amy.

We are planning a summer wedding at the beach where Richard proposed. And both of us agree that you will do us the honor of being my bridesmaid! Please say yes! We have yet to decide on the best man. If you can spare some time, do come up when you can to help me plan for the wedding and fitting of gowns. I am so excited! I hope you are happy for me.

We look forward to your presence.

Your good friend,


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