Wedding Invitation Thank You Letter


In western countries, it is tradition to usually reply to a wedding invite with a thank you letter. This practice is now also prevalent in India. It is a sweet gesture and common courtesy that should be followed. The letter of gratitude is usually a short letter thanking them for the invite and confirming your presence at the event.

While confirming your participation in the wedding, you must also mention the number of people that will be accompanying you to the wedding so that the hosts can make the necessary arrangements. Begin the letter by mentioning how joyous you are to have heard about the matrimony plans of the couple. Since it is an informal letter you, don’t fall short on love and good wishes for the family and couple to be. This can be followed by thanking the hosts for the invite and in the end a short message about your participation in the wedding.


Sample Letter:


Mrs. Sharma

House 244

Guess Road



23rd September 2017


Vandana Ahuja

11/6 Prim Rose

Sohna Road



Subject: Thank you Letter


Dear Mrs. Sharma

I was ecstatic to hear about Anvi’s wedding. I remember Anvi coming home as a little kid, she was always such an angel. I can’t believe the beautiful woman she has grown into- and now she’s getting married! Ah, how time flies.

I am so happy that Anvi is getting married to her high school sweet heart. I can recall Rohit standing outside your house waiting to pick Anvi up for dates and better so- bringing her come by 10, way before her deadline to escape the wrath of Mr. Sharma! These kids I tell you, I secretly hoped they would get married. And now they are! The news couldn’t have come at a better time.

I wouldn’t miss the wedding for anything in the world. In fact I have booked my tickets two days prior to the wedding date so that I can help you with anything that needs to be taken care of. Please let me know if I can contribute in any way. This wedding will be nothing less than perfect.

I thank you for the invite. It was extremely sweet for you to have remembered us even after all these years. I will be coming with my husband. This will allow Mr. Sharma and him to get a chance to catch up! I can not wait for the wedding. Also I needed your help with picking out a wedding gift for Anvi. We can go shopping whenever you get free. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Much Love


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