Wedding Invitation Letter


An Invitation letter is written for inviting someone to a party or a function or an occasion. The recipient of the letter can be your relative or friend or a colleague. The letter should contain the details like where the function or occasion will be held and the time when it will start. An invitation letter is of two types formal and an informal one. A formal invitation letter is written when the recipient is a higher individual.

A Wedding Invitation Letter is written on the occasion of the marriage. As it is an important occasion in a person’s life, he or she writes wedding invitation letter to all the persons or relatives known to him or her as it is a once in a lifetime occasion. Time and venue should be specified in the letter. In the end, it is better to mention that their presence makes you happy.

Sample Wedding Invitation Letter:



8-c, Geetha Apartments,



Date: 5/8/2017



22b, Ramana Street,

Anna Nagar,


Dear Muskan,

How are you? My only best friend. I am very happy and fine here and I hope the same with you. How is your Job? I think you are enjoying so much as you always love to experience the new environment. The main reason to write this letter is I am getting married on 4th of the next month. And guess what, it is with my love Harika. As you know, we are in a relationship from 3 years. I somehow managed her parents for our marriage. You may seem surprised that I am getting married this early, but I am happy that I am marrying the person I love.

Anyways as the marriage is 4th of next month do come before one week so that we can shop together for the wedding. As you are the only friend I would love to have your presence, that is why I am intimating you before one month so that you can make your travel arrangements.

Wedding will be solemnised on June 04, 2017, Sunday at exactly 8:00 in the moning at the Hyatt gardens, Chennai.

Convey my regards to uncle and aunt. See you soon.

With Love


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