Wedding Engagement Congratulation Letter


A wedding engagement letter is a very joyous occasion and should be celebrated to the extent it deserves. Especially if this engagement is of one of your very close friend or relatives. One way to express your happiness is by writing them a letter. Since it is a celebratory letter, you can be as informal as you like. No strict format or writing style must be followed.

Include as many positive and happy messages as you can. The whole purpose of this letter is to make them feel loved and happy. If you are an old friend or relative, you can also include memories you share either with the person or with the couple. Let them know that they are a pillar of strength and that their love is truly inspiring. Follow the sample letter given below to write your customized version of a wedding engagement congratulation letter.



Anita Singh

Flat 18

Building 8

Cannought Place

New Delhi-123262



Rakesh Singh


MG Road


Subject: Congratulations letter!

Dearest Anita,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. I heard the good news. After 10 years of dating, you guys have finally decided to tie the knot, and I could not be happier.

I have known you and Karan since our school days. Even back in school, Karan was one of the nicest guys and oh what a chivalrous man he has grown up to be. We all always knew that you were perfect for each other.

The amount of respect you have for the other person is truly rare, and it is what I believe the foundation of your love. A foundation which has flourished to be one of the most beautiful relationships and I feel lucky to have known a love like yours because it is truly inspiring.

I hope you two keep going strong and this new journey that you will embark on is more beautiful than the last. I feel privileged to be your maid of honor, and I promise I’ll do it all- throw you a crazy wedding party, help decide all the outfits and be there for all the emotional outbursts. That’s what best friends are for, right?

So, Anita, I wish you and Karan all the best. I can not wait for the engagement day because you will make the most beautiful bride ever. See you tomorrow!

Lots of Love

Rakesh Singh

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