Wedding Announcement Letter


Wedding announcement letter is written to inform the relatives, family, and friends about the wedding which is taking place. The letter would include the date of the wedding, the venue, arrangements to be done, and any other relevant details. Sometimes this letter can serve as a wedding invitation. As its a happy occasion the letter should be full of happiness and positivity. This letter is written to announce the wedding of an either a friend, daughter or son to your relatives and those who are your near and dear ones.

It is a very intimate letter as it shares your personal feelings with the readers. It should Include the details of the bride and groom and how they met each other and when they decided to get married. As it a very personal letter, you can keep the tone semi-formal and humble. The length of the letter would depend entirely on the relationship and bonding with the reader.


Sample Letter:


Shelly Cyrus

Celebration House,

Karol Bagh,






Celly Harsh,

Nehru Nagar,

Gandhi Road,



Subject: Informing About Wedding Occasion

Dear Celly,
Finally, its the moment of joy as sounds of wedding bells are soon going to ring in my life while I am writing this letter to you. I am ecstatic to tell you that I received a marriage proposal from Mr. Gopal Soni who is a fellow dentist in my clinic. He is a very humble person and belongs to a very good family. Hence, we have accepted the proposal, and I agreed to marry him! HIS parents often call me for dinner and are very kind and sweet to me. I am full of hope that our married life will be full of bliss and he will prove to be a good, understanding and caring life partner.

You have been my most supportive all my life, and I always share all the things with you. Therefore, you are the first person am writing this letter to share my happiness.  I would not take no for an answer, and you have to be there for my wedding. I will let you know the exact date after we confirm the same and fix up everything. I need your blessings, and I wish to see you on my wedding day.

With regards.

Yours Sincerely,


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