Warning Letter


A Warning Letter can be written against an employee who is not doing up to the mark performance and who has not changed his behaviour despite frequent reminders, or this can be a letter written by a company against another company that may have crossed the business ethics boundaries. If it’s the latter case, then the company issuing the warning letter needs to remain professional in its approach in order to resolve the situation. Since it is a business letter, it must be very carefully handled and simple language must be used by the sender in order to avoid further future misunderstandings and miscommunications in the near future.

If you are not certain of how to write a letter like this, then it is better to seek the guidance or help by referring to the sample letter that is given below, than making it a flop by writing it yourself. Also, though it is a warning letter, be careful of not using any harsh words. It is better to use polite language and make the recipient understand the aim of your letter. The letter must also be rechecked in order to avoid any grammatical or spelling mistake errors.

Sample Letter


Peter Jones,

Boustead Traders,

953 Bryan Park,


NC 27292.

May 30, 2010.


Fuller Enterprise,

1305 Roger Street,


BC V9L 1P1.

To Whom so ever  It May Concern,

Subject: Warning on Copyrighted Products

Hope this letter reaches to you at the best of your health.

It has come to the Management of Boustead Traders’ attention that your parent company’s products are very similar to its new line of Full Circle products. This letter is to inform you that samples of your products with brand ‘Round Circle’ have been taken for an understudy to confirm if you have infringed the copyright of Boustead Traders’ FullCircle products.

Hence, Boustead Traders is allowing you to stop your production of RoundCircle immediately before legal action is considered against you, as there is already some clear evidence of infringement. Boustead Traders are very concern about the wrong image conveyed with a below standard product bearing similar trademarks and claims.

We trust that you will appreciate that Boustead Traders will not hesitate to take actions in safeguarding its brand and reputation. Hope you will take this letter into consideration and make the necessary actions which might not cause any future problems with the Boustead Traders.

Also, if you are attempting to repeat this again, then I am extremely sorry to say that strict actions will be taken against you on this regard. The agreement that we both have signed has the terms and conditions mentioning about the details of what is the action if you cheat us. You can also go through it for your further doubts and clarifications regarding the terms and conditions. Since this was the first time, we didn’t take any action, but this won’t be the case if you try to repeat it again. So be careful about it or else be ready to go to court and receive the trails as well as tribulations.

Looking forward to your reply concerning this matter.

Yours Truly,

Peter Jones,

Company Legal Attorney.

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