Warning Letter, Sample & Format

Warning Letter

A Warning Letter can be written against an underperforming employee who has not changed his behavior despite reminders, or a company can write it against another company which might have crossed the business ethics boundaries. If the latter, the company issuing the warning letter needs to remain professional in its approach to resolving the situation.


Peter Jones

Boustead Traders

953 Bryan Park

Lexington, NC 27292

May 30, 2010


Fuller Enterprise

1305 Roger Street
Duncan, BC V9L 1P1

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Warning on Copyrighted Products

It has come to the Management of Boustead Traders’ attention that your products are very similar to its new line of FullCircle products. This letter is to inform you that samples of your products with brand ‘RoundCircle’ have been taken for an understudy to confirm if you have infringed the copyright of Boustead Traders’ FullCircle products.

Hence, Boustead Traders is allowing you to stop your production of RoundCircle immediately before legal action is considered against you, as there is already some clear evidence of infringement. Boustead Traders are very concern about the wrong image conveyed with a below standard product bearing similar trademarks and claims.

We trust that you will appreciate that Boustead Traders will not hesitate to take actions in safeguarding its brand and reputation.

Yours truly,

Peter Jones

Company Legal Attorney

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