Warning Letter To Employee


A warning letter is written to bring to the attention of an employee his or her inappropriate behavior. It is written by the employer to let the employee know that his or her actions are not unnoticed by the complaint and that he is required to improve it. One can write a letter when verbal warnings are not paid attention to. The letter can also serve as a record that prior warnings were issued.

The tone of the letter should be formal and strict. In the letter, include the date of writing the letter. Mention the reason for writing the letter and let the employee know that he can approach the concerned officials in the company to sort out his problems. State clearly in the letter that the employee will have to face repercussions if he or she does not correct his or her ways.

Sample Letter:


Mr. John Delware

673, Park Avenue





Subject: Warning


Dear Mr. John,

Despite repeated verbal warnings, you are continuing with your rowdy behaviour in the company. You have misbehaved with all your colleagues and are disrespectful even towards your seniors. As you have not paid attention to the verbal warnings and are continuing with this inappropriate behavior, I am forced to write this letter. Please treat this letter as a warning for your unacceptable behavior.  All your colleagues have reported against you for the inappropriate language you use and the way you keep shouting and don’t let anyone work in a peaceful atmosphere. Other employees don’t want to be a part of your team and this is leading to wastage of useful time and efforts.

As you have been the star performer of this company and have been consistent in your efforts in the past, this sudden change in your behavior is shocking each and everyone. We sincerely request you to mend your ways as soon as possible. We would be left with no choice but to suspend you from work if this unethical behavior continues. Please feel free to approach the councillors in the company for a free consultation regarding any problem you are facing.

We expect you to correct your behavior and hope for appropriate conduct henceforth.


George Victor

HR Manager

Siemens Pvt Ltd

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