Volunteer Thank you Letter

Volunteer Thank you Letter


A thank you letter is written to express one’s gratitude to a person for something that he or she has done for them. By writing a letter, entwined with immaculate expressions of feelings and gratitude, one can touch people’s feelings and effectively show them their appreciation. Thank you letters can provide the ideal opportunity to express the feelings and communicate the same.

While writing Thank You letters, it should be kept in mind that the ultimate purpose of them is to show your sense of gratitude towards your benefactor and thus, it is for this reason that the letter needs to be short and to the point. Without wasting any time of the reader, one should directly start with addressing the discourse of the dialogue. The letter usually contains details as of the volunteer work done and how it helped other people. The letter shows warm appreciation of the help one has received. Given below is the example of a Thank You for the Volunteer Service which can come in handy when you write your very own thank you letter. 


The following is a sample letter for Volunteer Thank you Letter.

Tiffany Thomson,
Twinkling Stars,
2223 Dalton Drive,
Jackson, MS 39201.


Brian Gills,
119 Galton Street,
Jackson, MS 39202.

Sub: Thank You for the Volunteer Service.

Dear Mr. Gills,

On behalf of Twinkling Stars, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciate you for your assistance in volunteering for the project Siblings which was done to aide and bless the children of this particular orphanage. You were true of great help to us.

The Siblings weekend program would not have been successful without your participation along with a few friends of yours. Where each volunteer had been paired with one child from the orphanage and multiple games were played for the entertainment of the children.All the volunteers were very caring and helpful towards the children of the orphanage. Your ‘younger sibling’ Thomas was very happy to be teamed up with you and keeps mentioning your name since that day and refers to you as his elder brother.

Thank you for making such a great impression on the children at Twinkling Stars. They were fascinated to have spent a weekend with all caring ‘siblings’ and have someone so good to look up to and to emulate in their little lives.

God bless you for your selfless volunteer efforts.

Best regards.
Tiffany Thomson,
Twinkling Stars

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