Volunteer Termination Letter


A volunteer termination letter is different from an employee termination letter. Volunteers usually work for someone without any compensation and with complete energy. A volunteer termination letter aids in appreciating the work of the volunteer and also keeps the reputation of the company intact. Even if it’s a termination letter, you should focus on the positive points.

The letter should focus mainly on the positive aspects of the volunteer and set aside all the negative aspects of him/her. In the case of any moral, ethical or legal violation of the policies of the organization laws, the tone of the letter can depend on that kind of situation. Whenever and wherever possible, the writer can include all the challenges that the volunteer accomplished successfully and can appreciate him/her for the same.

Usually, the tone of such a letter depends on the situation, but it can be polite, formal and at the same time a little friendly. The work of the volunteer during his course of time in the organization shall be appreciated, and if the company wishes to then, they can reward the volunteer in cash or kind. Given below is a sample letter of how one can write a volunteer termination letter.





Max Hopkins,

Fairy Feathers,

65987 Thomas Street,

Canada, USA.



Roxy Moris,

86659 Linkin Park,

Canada, USA.

Subject: Volunteer termination letter.

Dear Roxy,

I am writing this letter to inform you that you have been a commendable volunteer at our organization that treats victims suffering from a shock after a traumatic experience. Our policy is that each volunteer has to give four hours per week to the organization in order to help the victims. We are sad to inform you that are records show that you have not been able to reach the desired goal of giving four hours per week to the organization since the last one month. Since we have only a limited amount of seats for everyone to fit in, we have no option but to dismiss your volunteer program with our organization.

Please do not take this letter as a negative response from our side on you or on your dedication for work. We completely understand that you have not been able to give time to the organization because of the sudden emergency at home and we appreciate every minute you have tried to set aside and complete the given target.

You have really done a good job and the entire organization is going to miss you and we hope that you reapply for volunteering at our organization soon after you are done with all your duties at home. We will await your response.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Max hopkins

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