Volunteer Reference Letter

Introduction :

A volunteer reference letter is written by an individual who has been requested by an applicant for a volunteering opportunity to the organisation offering such volunteering opportunity. A reference letter is a professional letter written by an individual who has considerable experience in monitoring and assessing the skills of the applicant. The reference letter forms an integral part of any application, as it acts as a testament to the skills and experience of the applicant. The volunteer reference letter must consist of details such as the skills of the applicant, the experience of the applicant and the professional acquaintance between the applicant and the referee.

The volunteer reference letter must be persuasive, so as to persuade the recipient to accept the applicant to the position being advertised. The letter must include descriptions about the demeanor of the applicant and their capabilities. The letter must also include the importance of the volunteering experience and the influence it might have on the future opportunities that the applicant may come across. The letter must be concise and formal, also the quality of the letter must surpass the content.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample of a Volunteer Reference Letter.


Raj Ashwani,


Volunteers Alliance,




Rajesh Ashwani,

Red Cross Indiana,


Dear Mr Ashwani,

Subject: Reference letter for an applicant.

I am glad to recommend Mr. Daksh Jain for the Young Volunteers Program of your organization this summer. I have known Mr. Jain personally for three years now and I can confidently back his application. Mr. Jain was a volunteer for our city’s water campaign in the fall of 2014. He is very dedicated to his work and goes the extra mile to fulfill his duties and cooperate with his fellow volunteers and team-mates.

Mr. Jain has represented Utopia in the Annual Environmental Campaign conducted by the Government in the year 2015. For an eighteen-year-old, Mr. Jain has an exceptional sense of responsibility and maturity. He has acquired, through formal and informal training, skills like Microsoft Office, Word Press, and Presentation skills. I can assure you that Mr. Jain’s involvement in your program will be of great learning to him and will also add to the liveliness¬†of your program.

I strongly believe that Mr. Jain will be the best-suited candidate for your program, as he excels in both academics and extra-curricular activities. He is an aspiring consultant and I am very sure that this opportunity will be of great professional advantage to him. Please contact me in case you require any additional information.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Warm Regards,

Raj Ashwani,


Volunteers Alliance.







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