Very Sad Love Letter


A love letter is written by a person who wishes to express their love for their dear ones. A very sad love letter portrays a bitter experience of separation and anxiety between the lovers. The sadness of the situation must be reflected in the love letter. The emotions involved in separation from one’s loved one must be expressed poignantly in the letter. A very sad love letter must include details about the reasons for rejection and sadness.

The letter must be somber in its tone and must recount the happy moments that the couple spent together in the past. The letter must elucidate the emotions that are associated with sadness, especially in connection with the sad lovers. A story relating to the cause of dejection among the couple may be used to illustrate the sadness so that the life-like and emotional scenario is created. The letter may include the future course of action that the couple may take.

Sample Letter


Alex Putin,

West View Park,


Date: 22 July 1776.


Michael Obama,

East View Park,


My darling Michael,

My heart aches to think about our separation. It has been six long months since we last saw each other at the lighthouse hill. I feel wretched not having you by my side, not being able to hold your hand and feel your gentle embrace. I often ask myself, what curse is this that I am unable to see your beautiful face, with its ever-charming glow. I wonder what cruel joke life is playing on us that we cannot even meet each other and spend time together in blissful solitude.

We must risk our lives to meet each other in this wretched society of ours. I often wonder if society’s eyes will ever open up to see the love and not the distinction of caste or creed. I was told by my friend that there is a real threat in you trying to come over here and meeting me. I am scared for your life and my own. I often wake up at night, trembling with fear. I only hope the situation will improve and that I will be able to meet you and hold you in a tight embrace.

Until then, my love, take strength in knowing that I love you deeply. I am very confident that the cruel ways of life will be changed for the better. We will finally meet and live together in happiness without the fear of society. Please keep hope and know that I love you, ever so much.

Lots of love,




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