Vendor Termination Letter

Vendor Termination Letter


A company writes a vendor termination letter to the vendor to whom they offer products and services. The team may choose to terminate the services of its vendor when the contract is expiring or due to poor services or goods provided. The termination letter should be given with sufficient notice to the vendor. This letter should include the reason as to why you are terminating the services, which could either be a complaint of some sort or budget cuts.

Be courteous when delivering the message to keep at peace future interactions or relations with the vendor.Issue this letter well in advance so that the vendor is on the same page as you and is well aware in advance of the situation and can prepare for the termination properly and thoroughly without affecting his business or time. Thank the vendors for their time and efforts and courteously let them know of the termination.


Sample Letters:


Hal Jones

Service Manager

Rainbow Furniture & Fittings

9983 Marigold Street

Miami, FL 38921


February 7, 2011



Fabrics & Dyes Enterprise

992 Golden Street

Milwaukee, WI 83900


Dear Sir/Madam

RE:  Vendor Termination

This letter serves to inform you that the service contract between Rainbow Furniture & Fittings and Fabrics & Dyes Enterprise is expiring on February 20, 2011. The poor economy does not warrant a continuation of the bulk supply of goods from your kind self. Hence, Rainbow Furniture & Fittings has decided to terminate your supply of goods after the contract expires.

On behalf of Rainbow Furniture & Fittings, I thank Fabrics & Dyes Enterprise for the good service provided during the term of a contract. We shall reconsider your service when the economy improves.

We wish Fabrics & Dyes Enterprise the best in your future undertakings.

Thank you.

Respectfully yours,

Hal Jones

Service Manager

Rainbow Furniture & Fittings

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