Vendor Follow Up Letter


A vendor follow- up letter is written by a business firm to a possible client with regards to a sales proposal and its pending acceptance. The vendor follow up letter is written as a reminder to a potential client, so as to ensure greater sales and market share due to larger number of orders. The letter must include details of previous communication between the business firm and the potential client. The letter serves as a marketing tool for the business firm as it employs techniques of attraction, enticement and persuasion in order to boost firm sales.

The letter must be written in a typical format of the business, for which the format may be the same for different clients. The letter should be formal. The letter must serve as a reminder of a potential transaction, therefore, the letter must mention the product or service being sold and the features of the products or services. The letter must mention the cost and price advantages offered by the product or service. The letter must be formal and detailed in explanation.

Sample Letter

The following is a Sample of a Vendor Follow-Up Letter.


Ivory Coast,

Sales Manager,

Mangala Information,




Raj Aswani,


Chartered Accountants,


Dear Sir,

Subject: Follow-up letter regarding letter dated DD/MM/YYYY.

I write this letter to provide you with a gentle reminder regarding our correspondence dated DD/MM/YYYY. The letter entailed a proposal to sell to your firm, accounting systems worth 15,000 USD. Your firm requested time to assess the requirements and requested our firm to contact you within one month’s time. I take this opportunity to request you to kindly reply to the proposal at your earliest convenience.

Our information systems are renowned throughout the country for being exceptionally efficient and very affordable. Our patented software ensures that you may store approximately 1 terabyte worth of accountancy data in the system. We offer a 5-year warranty on every product that you will purchase from our side and this will ensure that you will save 100 USD in maintenance every month.

Should you have any more doubts or should you require a demonstration of our products, you may kindly reply to this mail or write to our customer relationship manager at the following address: Please quote the proposal number 000111000 for the same.

We await your response. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Warm Regards,

Ivory Coast,

Sales Manager,

Mangala Information,





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