Vendor Complaint Letter


A ‘vendor complaint letter’ is written to complain about the quality of services offered by the vendor. Since this is a complaint letter, it is obvious that is to be written in a formal and serious tone. For this, keep in mind that the best way to write a formal letter is to organise it into three distinct paragraphs, comprising of an introduction, the main matter and a feasible conclusion. Even though it is a complaint letter, do not use abusive or offensive language while writing the letter as this can lead to legal complications.

Keep the tone of the letter formal but courteous. In the main body of the letter specify your complaint clearly. This could be anything from a degradation of the quality of the services offered to a breach of the contract signed between you and the vendor. After outlining your problem, ask for an immediate solution to the problem at hand. Also, mention your emergency contact details if needed.

 Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a ‘vendor complaint’ letter

Jem Gurudas,

General Manager,

Pink Eatery



8th March 2017


Gayathri Mehti,

General Manager,

EKG Vendors,


Subject: Complaint against services provided.

Dear Gayathri,

Let me introduce myself as Jem Gurudas, the General Manager of Pink Eatery, Noida. As I understand it, for the past five years, my company, Pink Eatery have been involved in a contract with your company, on the agreement that your company, EKG Vendors would provide flour of good quality to us. However, for the past one year, your services have been unsatisfactory.

Complaints have been pouring in from our regular customers regarding the deteriorating quality of products offered to them. Initially, we had assumed it was a discrepancy from our side but further investigations have led us to conclude that the flour provided by your company has not been able to satisfy the quality requirements needed by us. We wouldn’t want to go into further discussions into it, but please I would like to mention that one of your bags (Sent in the month of February 2017) actually had stones in it. This is one of our many complaints against your company. In the light of these issues, our company wants to file a lawsuit against your company. But however, we have decided to not do so now.

I request you to look into the matter immediately and employ effective solutions as well. In the case of emergency, please do contact me at 39409543543 or drop me a mail.


Yours Sincerely,

Jem Gurudas.

General Manager

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