Vehicle Lease Termination Letter


A ‘Vehicle Lease Termination’ letter is written by someone who wishes to terminate the lease on a vehicle that he or she has rented on a pre-agreed contract. It is a highly formal letter and has to be organised neatly into three paragraphs, namely the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Even though the letter is highly formal, it has to be written in a polite tone and has to be addressed correctly as well. It is better to begin the letter by stating that you wish to terminate the contract.

Also, mention the reason for ending the contract. This could be anything, from the vehicle not meeting your expectations to an ending of the term mentioned in the contract. In the letter mention the details of any legal documents necessary, such as the number on the registration certificate. Since this is a highly formal letter, certain clarifications might be required about the vehicle. Hence, attach your number and emergency contact details in the case of any emergency.

Sample Letter

Stanley Jones,

24C, Marutham Apartments,




Dated- 7th March, 2017


Stella Kowalski,

54 Pink Villa,




Subject: Vehicle Lease Termination Letter


Dear Stella,


On 4th April, 2016, I had signed a vehicle lease agreement with you for your vehicle (registration number 4567), a Blue Baleno car. The lease had been signed for a period of one year, on the condition that I maintain it properly. As I had moved to Pathanamthitta for a year owing to certain business commitments, I had taken your vehicle on a lease. The lease agreement is going to terminate on the 30th of April, 2017. Through this letter, I would like to terminate the lease on the vehicle, thereby nullifying the terms and conditions agreed upon originally.

With this letter, I also wish to return certain legal documents (pertaining to the vehicle) that had been in my possession the last year. I shall return the registration certificate and all other necessary documents along with the termination of the contract. I shall return the vehicle to your office on 28th of April, 2017 at 8 A.M itself.

From my side, I have taken special care to maintain the vehicle properly and have taken care of any damages that have occurred to it over the past one year. However, if you do notice some discrepancy, please do inform me so that I can have it taken care off immediately. For any other emergencies, please do contact me at 394822083209.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,


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