Valentine Letter

Valentine Letter


A Valentine Letter is written by a person to his/her lover, to express their love and the planning for the occasion of Valentine’s Day that is celebrated every year on the 14th of February.   It can be written by one party to another in the love relationship. Its contents can be expressive to allow the recipient a better understanding and appreciation of the love and feelings of the sender which can strengthen the love relationship. The letter is written on the romantic occasion of Valentine’s Day.

The letter is written with great passion. The letter is obviously informal as it is being written between lovers. The letter must make every effort to express the love of the writer to his/her loved one. The letter must include plans for Valentine’s Day where they express their love through surprises for each other. The letter must be romantic so that the other person is waiting in anticipation for the day. The letter must be written with a great appreciation of their loved one and the celebration of a special day called Valentine’s Day.

Sample Letter


Doris T. Watson,

3974 Washington Street,

Corpus Christi, TX 78476,


The United States of America.

Date: February 14, 2010


Brian Montoya,

4275 Brown Street,

Walnut Creek, CA 94596,


The United States of America.

Dear Darling,

Thank you for your box of chocolates and flowers to start my day; that is so romantic and sweet of you. Do you feel my love today? Oh yeah, I am in love and ready for some action! Are you ready?

It’s gonna be our first Valentine’s Day celebration. I am so excited. After being together for nine months, we can celebrate Valentine’s Day as a couple officially! How cool! I am looking forward to the exciting program that you have planned. I can’t wait for tonight! I cannot believe that our relationship has progressed so much, from the time we first met each other. This Valentine’s Day will be truly memorable when we are able to express our love for each other.

You have been so secretive about your plans for our first Valentine’s Day in the past week but dropping so many hints along the way that the suspense is killing me!

I await our reunion with patience, but I cannot bear to be away from you any longer. So, come back to me soon, my love.

Lovingly yours,


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