Vacation Leave Letter


A vacation leave letter is written when an employee requires a holiday from his/her workplace so as to go for a vacation. Such a letter has a higher value when it’s typed. A holiday leave letter can also be written by a student when he/she wants a vacation. When in a business environment a vacation leave letter will show the employee’s professionalism and responsibility.

Before writing a vacation leave letter, the employee needs to be aware of the holiday terms and policies of the company. At times there can be special norms that the firm sets out for workers to fill when they go for a holiday. The employee has an advantage in getting the approval for the vacation if they follow all the company guidelines.

All the required information such as flight details and dates of when you are leaving, and the day you will resume for work, etc. shall be included in the letter. The tone of the letter needs to be polite and requesting and also shall be well written with no grammatical or spelling errors. You must inform the employer that you have taken care of the required work and have appointed another colleague to handle your work in your absence. Given below is an, e.g., of a vacation leave letter.





Robin Keith,
Brooklyn Building,
seventeenth Street,
New York, USA.



Mr. Charles Carter,
Skylar PVT. LTD.,
Thirteenth Street,
New York, USA.

Subject: Vacation Leave Letter.

Dear Sir,
This letter is a formal request to grant me leave from DD/MM/ YYYY to DD/MM/ YYYY. My Brother has come all the way from India to visit me for a month, and thus I would like to take a leave for a few days from office so I can spend some time with him and explore the country with him. I am planning to resume work from DD/MM/YYYY.

Before going for my vacation I will make sure that I will accomplish all targets till the date and for further assignments, I have appointed Mr. Marcus Yent and Ms. Mila Roger to look after all of them, and they have agreed to do so.

We are also planning to go for a small trip to Las Vegas as well for a week. I shall try to work for two hours daily from home so that I accomplish my targets in time and also I won’t have much workload when I resume for work.

I hope you approve of my vacation leave and allow me to spend some quality time with my brother and the family. I shall resume work on the date I have mentioned above.

Thanking you,
yours truly,
Robin Keith.

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