Turn Down a Customer’s or Employee’s Suggestion


Communication is one of an essential tools to an effective relationship in any paradigm. It should be encouraged at work places as well, amongst juniors and subordinates not only so that conflicts can be reduced but also it leaves space for a healthy work environment. So if you as an employee ever have a suggestion, you should articulate it to the concern people.

However, you must also prepare for the person to turn down your request or suggestion. This can be done due to various reasons, and therefore the person rejecting should follow the tool of effective communication. You must do this by acknowledging that their request has been seen by the concerned authority and if it can not be processed let the employee know in as polite a manner as possible. Do not be rude or impolite as it will discourage the employee to open up in the future and that can be detrimental for the employee.



UC Company

8 building

Cyber City

Gurgaon -1232435



Rakesh Singh

UC Company

8 building

Cyber City

Subject: Rejection of Suggestion

Hi Rakesh,

We would like to inform you that the management has acknowledged your request of conducting weekly yoga classes in the office premises. However, we regret to inform you that it is currently not possible to do so in the office.

While we appreciate your initiative and the thought to promote a healthy work environment, the human resource team feels it is not possible for the sole reason mentioned below.

In response to your request, we conducted an internal survey where we asked all employees about their interest in participating in these classes. A total of 86 people replied.

Their primary reason for rejecting this suggestion is that given this point in time, where Diwali is right around the corner, people just do not have time to devote an extra hour to work on this activity. Employees are already staying back in the office until 8 pm to complete projects by the deadline mentioned. Since the working hours right now is nearly 10 hours they just can not participate right now.

However, they said they would be interested in conducting these classes once the Diwali season ends. So the HR team will be assessing yoga trainers and timings till then.

We appreciate your initiative and thank you for it. We will run an internal message as soon as the dates and timings are finalized.

Thank you

Human Resources

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