Travel Sales Letter


A ‘Travel Sales Letter’ is written by an organization that deals with traveling and tour packages, informing their customers and clients of their various offers and sales that are available. It could potentially act as an advertisement letter as well, provided it is phrased aptly. Such letters are usually brief and composed in such a manner that highlights the product. Hence it is a very formal letter, and it is often structured into three parts, comprising of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.

Start the letter politely greeting your customer or client. Then go on to state your reason for writing the letter, which is to advertise your latest packages and tour deals. Explicate on why these packages are truly special. Include all relevant details such as exclusive discounts and the like. A quick glance through our sample letter will provide you with an even better idea. These letters can be composed not just of travel agencies, but also by lucrative clients looking to sell their products on flights or other means of transport.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a ‘travel sales letter.’


Sidharth Manu,

Managing Head,

Gouge Bakers




Bindu Paniker,

Managing Head,

ABC Flights,


Subject: Travel Sales Letter

Dear Ma’am,

Greetings and we hope that this letter finds you in the best of health!

This letter is to inform ABC Flights of our lucrative offers and discounts on specially baked products, meant for flight passengers. We came across an advertisement on your website, requesting for bakeries that sell products of high quality to serve food exclusively for flight passengers. And since ABC Flights has a reputation for being one of the best flights, as well as an excellent business partner, we would very much like to associate with you.

Our baked goods are of high quality, and we have franchisees all over India, though we are headquartered in Trivandrum, Kerala. We specialize in making food that tastes just like home food. Our cakes and pastries have the potential to transport people back to the comfort of their homes. And we are sure that this is just what the passengers of ABC Flights need. We not only specialize in baked goods but also in unique traditional lunches, both traditional as well as traditional.

As a bakery, we have been associated with Ginger Touring Agency for the past ten years, and hence we are very well aware of the standards that are to be maintained while cooking and baking for customers. We are attaching a comprehensive list of all our services provided, as well as a compilation of all our exclusive discounts. For any clarification and further communication, please don’t hesitate to write to us or call us on the number **********.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Sidharth Manu.

Managing Head

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