Travel Permission Letter


A ‘Travel Permission Letter’ is written by a parent or a guardian, permitting their wards to travel somewhere. This could be a class trip, a study trip or any other miscellaneous activity. The letter should be brief and explanatory. Remember to mention the conditions on which you are permitting your ward to undertake the trip. Hence this is a formal letter stick to the three-part division, comprising of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.

The letter is usually addressed to a higher authority, such as a principal or a class teacher. Introduce your letter by stating your reason for writing the letter, which is to permit your ward to undertake a particular trip. But nevertheless, you are allowing your ward to do on certain conditions. Detail these in the next part of your letter. Don’t forget to attach the necessary documents that might be required for your ward to undertake the trip.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a travel permission letter.


Bindu Panicker,

45G, Marutham Hallway,





Lekha Udayan,


Senior Section,

Loyola School,


Subject: Travel Permission

Dear Ma’am,

This letter is written with the intent of permitting my ward, James Panicker (student of class 7 B) to undertake with his classmates a study trip to Indian Institute of Space, Science, and Technology (IISC), as well as to the Planetarium. With this letter, I am also attaching the filled-out form that had been distributed in class last week for the same.

I am sure that you, Ma’am, would be no novice in supervising students on a class trip. I am sure that my son will be safe in your hands. However, I am a little worried, nevertheless. I would like him to be under strict supervision throughout the day, as he does tend to get rather excited and hence lose his way. I also had certain queries regarding the nature of food that would be provided to the students on that particular day. According to the notice that has been circulated, students will receive food from the IISC Canteen for two meals. But James suffers from a lot of allergies. Hence I would like to know whether he could take home-made food along with him.

With this letter, I am also attaching Rs 500, which I understand will be the overall charge of the trip. I truly hope this will be a safe and secure, yet studious trip. Please do feel free to contact me at 357349573, for any new information on my ward.

Thanking You

Yours Sincerely,

Bindu Panicker

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