Travel Authorization Letter


A ‘Travel Authorisation Letter’ is written by a higher official or organization, authorizing a particular trip or travel. This letter is different from a ‘Travel Permission Letter’ because the latter is written by a closely associated person, such as a parent, while the former is written by a head of a large organization, such as a school. A good example of a travel authorization letter is that written by a principal of a certain school, allowing students to travel together on a school trip.

As this is a formal letter, you can stick to the three-part division, comprising of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Introduce your letter by stating your reason for writing the letter, which is to authorize a particular trip. In the following paragraphs (the main body), explain this further. Maybe include conditions on which the trip has been permitted, such as the need to conduct oneself in a disciplined fashion and being responsible for one’s property.


Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a travel authorization letter


Sidharth Sudheer,


Loyola School,





Lalitha Devi,

Senior Section Head,

Loyola School,



Subject:  Travel authorization letter

Dear Ma’am,

This letter is to inform you that I am authorizing the students of 12th Standard (12 A, 12 B, and 12C) to proceed with their 3-day trip, as planned to Kodaikanal. The decision was taken unanimously, and we extend this occasion to make certain the students travel safely and cautiously.

I was informed initially that the students wanted to do on a week-long trip. However, this could not be agreed on, considering this could entail missing a week’s worth of classes as well. Since the students are approaching their board exams in less than a year’s time, this cannot be approved of. So, it has been shortened to 3 days. The students are to pay Rs 2000 to their respective class teachers, on or before DD/MM/YYYY. One student volunteer is required from each class to supervise their respective classes, as well as take care of miscellaneous things, such as food, waste disposal and the like.

As students of Loyola School, they are requested to maintain decorum and discipline at all times. Since Kodaikanal is a foreign terrain, I ask them to take with them appropriate clothing as well. As the Head of the Senior Section, please do regularly supervise their activities as well. Please do respond to this letter with a detailed itinerary of the travel, as soon as possible.

Thanking You

Yours sincerely,

Sidharth Sudheer.


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