Transfer Application Letter


A Transfer Letter is written to the concerned authorities superior to you by designation as a formal request for assignment of the current post that you are holding at a different location with a valid reason. Stating a good reason is required for you to transfer as well as how it will also be of assistance in adding productivity to your job.

A transfer letter is more of an application than an individual request but even though the letter is formal, in should be kept in mind that the tone of the letter is in the form of a request. The important parts of the letter are that its content should stick to the point which is the basic requirement of a formal letter and should not contain any personal matter regarding any topic of either the receiver or the writer other than the stated reasons. Draw attention to skills and capabilities as well as experience and knowledge. State the cause and motive of yours for the relocation of your service venue. Pay tribute to the company by admiring it while taking into account that you do not exaggerate the subject matter.

You also have to assure the superior concerned that your transfer will result in benefits for the company and that you are the most suitable candidate for the mentioned post. Given below is an, e.g., of how one can write a Transfer Application Letter.




Rob Mayors,
Skills and Co.,
Foster Road,
California, USA.


Mr. John Spikes,
Skills and Co.,
Foster Road,
California, USA.

Subject: Transfer Application Letter.

Dear Sir,
I, Rob Mayors, belonging to the marketing department of your company would like to request a transfer from Skills and Co. in California to Skills and Co. in New York. I request you to kindly accept my transfer application as I have recently got married and my parents stay in New York along with my wife.

I need to give my family some time as well thus if you could transfer me to New York I would be grateful to you for understanding and accept my request. I would work on the same timings and also follow the same schedule just that my location would be different. I am sure that my strong knowledge and communication skills have been an asset to your company here in California, but I’ll make sure that it is the same case in New York as well.

I will regret leaving my colleagues here back in California if you approve of my transfer request. But I have realized that my family needs me, and hence I would request you to accept my offer.

Thanking you,
yours truly,

Rob Mayors.

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