Trade Reference Letter

Trade Reference Letter


While companies make business deals with each other they seek reference from another trusted firm so that they can proceed with the deal without hesitation. Usually, this reference is valued greatly and firms give rather high importance on positive feedback from a trusted third party. Reference Letters are usually the medium through which such endorsements are made. Trade Reference letter acts as a reference to a company with regards to its reputation in business or trade characteristics. It is written to lend support to the company in consideration to deal in business with others.

It is an effective reference letter if it is written by an authoritative figure that is well known and respected by the business community. The letter should be supportive of the company being referenced and also specific details should be briefly explained such as why they should trust this particular firm. It’s better if the letter is minimalistic in nature and the details should be to the point. Noting down each and every achievement of that particular company is not necessary. Only include the main positive traits about that company.


Sample Letter:


John Duncan

Bank Manager

Philadelphia First Bank

543 Major Street

Philadelphia, PA 47340


February 10, 2011



Peter Hoyer

Managing Director

Central Mobile Services

452 Hoffman Street

Brooklyn, NY 16


Subject: Reference for Honeycomb Publishing


Dear Sir,

This letter of reference serves to favor Honeycomb Publishing which has been a solid client of Philadelphia First Bank for 10 years.

Since its inception in 2001, Honeycomb Publishing has been a reliable and trustworthy client of this bank. It has fully repaid its start-up loan three (3) years ago due to good business acumen and management that led to big profits for the organization. This organization is trustworthy and we assure you that a deal with them will not cause any loss on your side.

There is no blemish record of any transaction from Honeycomb Publishing, which the Bank is happy to inform. Honeycomb Publishing’s accounts with Philadelphia First Bank remain solid and vibrant even till today.  As far as we know, they also are a highly competitive firm in their respective field and has a top publishing house in the city since a long time. We believe that a business deal with them will be a good initiative and will suit to fulfill the current economic needs of your company.

We trust that the above information is sufficient for your kind decision with regards to Honeycomb Publishing.


John Duncan

Philadelphia First Bank

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