Trade Reference Letter, Sample & Format

Trade Reference LetterA Trade Reference letter is a reference to a company with regards to its reputation in business or trade characteristics. It is written to lend support to the company in consideration to deal in business with others. It is an effective reference letter if it is written by an authoritative figure that is well known and respected by the business community.


John Duncan

Bank Manager

Philadelphia First Bank

543 Major Street

Philadelphia, PA 47340

February 10, 2011


Peter Hoyer

Managing Director

Central Mobile Services

452 Hoffman Street
Brooklyn, NY 16775

Dear Sir

RE: Reference for Honeycomb Publishing

This letter of reference serves to favor Honeycomb Publishing which has been a solid client of Philadelphia First Bank for 10 years.

Since its inception in 2001, Honeycomb Publishing has been a reliable and trustworthy client of this bank. It has fully repaid its start-up loan three (3) years ago due to good business acumen and management that led to big profits for the organization.

There is no blemish record of any transaction from Honeycomb Publishing, which the Bank is happy to inform. Honeycomb Publishing’s accounts with Philadelphia First Bank remain solid and vibrant even till today.

We trust that the above information is sufficient for your kind decision with regards to Honeycomb Publishing.


John Duncan

Philadelphia First Bank

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