Thank You Retirement Letter


A Thank You; retirement letter is written by a person who is transferring, quitting or getting retired from his or her job. The sole purpose of the letter is to show your gratitude and appreciation towards your colleagues who have worked alongside you on a day to day basis as well as your superiors who have been like your mentors throughout the job period. The letter should focus on the fun and positive work experience that you had with others at your office.

Even though it seems to be a personal, informal letter since it is sent to professional contacts it has to be in a formal format. Since it is not possible to write a personalized letter to every single co worker, one should take out some time to write a different letter to one’s ex-boss since he or she held a superior position than others and hence should be treated and respected accordingly.

One important content of the letter should be providing the receivers with some information for contact so they can reach out to you if they need/want to in the future. Contact details can include currently functioning e-mail id, phone number, and home address if required.




Roma khan,

Central Avenue building,







Colors Corp,

Ramabhai Chowk,

Santacruz west,



Subject:  Thank you retirement letter.


Dear All,

It’s hardly been a few days since my retirement, and I am still figuring out the new chapter of my life and since I have a lot of free time now, that I haven’t found my hobbies yet. I used this time to write a letter for you guys since I am indeed missing the office as well as my co workers and am grateful for all the things that we have done together. Also, all the times we have spent and all the achievements of our days.
Since I am visiting town this weekend I will surely be coming to the office the next day, so please do be there. We will have a lunch like we always did and had a stroll around. I know Monday will be a hectic day, but I hope you guys will take out some time for me. I never thought I would say this, but I am looking forward to this Monday.
I enjoyed a lot during the farewell party. It was awesome, and I did feel special. Thanks guys for the beautiful farewell which I surely will remember for the rest of my life. I have our group photo hooked up in the living room which we took on my last day.
Well even though I miss you guys I cannot deny that retirement is not sweet. I know that I enjoy it so much because I feel after thirty years of grinding service I deserve this.
Again everyone, thank you all for giving me my marvelous working days, your support and most importantly the great farewell.

Thanking you,


Yours Sincerely,

Roma Khan.


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