Thank You Love Letter

Thank You Love Letter


A thank you love letter is a letter of appreciation written by the one in love with his/her beloved partner in the beautiful relationship of love and expressing thankfulness to the recipient of the letter. It is seldom for a couple to express their appreciation towards each other in the relationship for the endless things they do for each other. Love is the feeling which is often expressed between the two lovers but not many apppreciate each other for they have done.

Whereas a letter of thanks can be a great way of appreciating the deeds of one’s lover which can be different of expressing your feelings. This will bring an endless amount of joy to the partner who receives such a beautiful letter. One should be kept well informed about their deeds by their loved ones whether it was appreciable or not that would give them a chance to improve if something is wrong and that would motivate to become better. Therefore, a Thank you Love Letter can be practiced as a must. But a thank you love letter is very meaningful to show that the recipient is appreciated in a relationship.


Thank You Love Letter:

The following letter is an example of a thank you love letter:


2464 Brannon Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32256



4770 Fairview Street
Augusta, AR 72006

Dear Jeffrey

RE: Thank You

Hey, I’m writing to you today sweetheart to let you know that you are the most adorable partner I could have ever found. Tonight was a lovely night, and I had a fantastic evening with you; in fact, what I feel is that it was more than lovely. It was perfect. I felt so alive, loved and adored by you. You made me feel so special. Thank you for making me feel so good about myself. I know that you must have taken a lot of trouble to make such a special evening for us to spend time together. You did the best one could do for their lover, and I will surely remember it till the end of life. It is a beautiful Valentine’s Day and a day very well spent. It will be there in our wonderful memories throughout our beautiful lives.

Well, Thank you for the lovely gifts that you thoughtfully bought for me; you remembered that lilies are my favorite flowers and they were all around us with the beautiful roses. The cute teddy bear will certainly remind me of you while you are out of town on work trip. I will hold it and hug it when I miss you, you never forget those Cadbury chocolates that you bring for me, and finally, the letter you wrote to me in that beautiful card was so touching I can’t stop reading it and looking at it again and again. Thank you for being such a sweet, thoughtful and caring partner, love. It’s like a dream that came true. Thank you for this beautiful and lovely relationship that we both share with loads of love. I am so glad you approached me on that one fine day. May our love grow stronger each day. May our relationship become more beautiful than one could imagine. I love you, thanks.

With all my love,

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