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Marriage is a very memorable event for the couple getting married as well as for their respective families. It is also a memorable day for the friends and guests invited to the wedding ceremony. They surely have given you gifts and other special things, thus this is the perfect time, right after the wedding ceremony that one can send out thank you letters to all the guests who gave you gifts for your wedding.

This is kindest way to appreciate their presence and the gift they thought would be useful for you as you go on with a new journey in your life. Writing a thank you letter does not take much time but will definitely enhance your relationship with that person and will create a positive vibe too. One can mention how and when they propose to use the gift and how much they have liked it.




Meha Nigam,

12, Tilak Bungalows,

Gems Lane,

Bandra, Mumbai.



Rahul Shah,

104, Ganga Apartments,

Park Street,

Lokhandwala, Mumbai.

Dear Rahul,

I am so happy that you made it to our wedding last week. It was really great to have you and your family. Also, little Kiara is really very adorable and well mannered. Like when we offered her the chocolate, she did not have it until and unless she was sure n given permission from you that you can have it. That was cute.

The main reason for writing this letter is to thank you for the wonderful gifts, Sonia and you have gifted us at the wedding. To begin with, the perfume  set for Karan, that was really nice. He used it for the first time and hasn’t stopped using it cause he liked it so much and its fragrance is really very good. Thank you for that.

Coming to the gift I received, the entire skin care cream set from bath and body works is amazing. It was really good on the skin. It made the skin feel softer and once again, the fragrance was mesmerizing. To be honest the gift wrapping was also done very well.

We truly loved the gifts and are definitely going to use it well and to the fullest. They are amazing gift ideas to gift too. Thank you so much for the gifts. Also, we would like to meet you sometime soon. Maybe for a lunch or brunch. We’ll decide accordingly. Hope to meet you soon.

Thanking you,

Yours affectionately,

Meha Nigam

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