Thank You Letter To A Doctor


Doctors and nurses play a very important role in the medical field. Typically, a hospital is imagined as a gloomy and dull place. However, it must be noted that doctors and nurses put in the best of their efforts to make the hospital a happy place with a calm environment. Therefore, it becomes worthwhile to take out time and write a Thank You Letter to a Doctor to show appreciation and acknowledgment. It would also help in maintaining healthy relations between the doctor and the patient.

As the title suggests, such type of a letter is written by a patient or a guardian/parent of the patient to the doctor for his/her excellence in the professional services and the medical care. It would also be advisable to thank the entire hospital staff too for working mechanically day and night on smoothening the process of recovery. Even though this type of a letter is formal in nature, the reader may give it a personal touch while maintaining the professional boundaries at the same time. A Thank you Letter to a Doctor not only expresses the gratitude of the patient towards the doctor, but it also puts forth that the patient has faith in the doctor’s services.

Sample Letter

Mike Burns
154 Morton Street,
Boston, MA 67756,

March 26, 2017

Dr. Livia Wolfe
Nashoba Valley Hospital,
200 Groton Road,
Ayer, MA 01432,

Subject: Sincere Thanks for Medical Care

Dear Mrs. Livia Wolfe,

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the medical care you provided me. Throughout the entire procedure of the surgery, you were very professional yet very sensitive at the same time.

The whole idea of a hospital had been very scary to me. I had been worrying for long about the surgical procedure and the pain that it would produce. The thought of an unsuccessful surgery worried me even more. My family members were full of tension and stress when they got to know about my illness. On certain recommendations by your patients, my parents met you, and a confidence started to build up that I will be all okay after the surgery. You made my experience a less painful one. I acknowledge the entire staff of the hospital for being so hardworking and efficient to care for me day and night.

Just thanking you for saving my life might not be enough, but my family and I, once again, appreciate you for your exceptional kindness.

Yours sincerely,
Mike Burns

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