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Thank you letters mark an important part of someone’s attitude towards other people in their lives. Essentially, showing gratitude is a kind attribute of human behavior. Saying thanks through a thank you letter is the easiest way to do the same. These letters also reflect on your professional nature. Showing gratitude for even the smallest things in life is of behavioral importance and thus should be actively practiced.

One often receives gift cards on several occasions like birthdays, anniversary, special achievements, etc. It is essential to acknowledge the person who has given you the gift card by thanking them and showing your gratitude towards their kind consideration.  A thank you gift card letter is the easiest way to convey your gratitude. Address the person with due respect while writing the letter. One can also mention what that gift card meant to you or how it made you feel. Write the letter as soon as possible. Use polite language and show enough courtesy for their time and effort.  Use the sample given below to write your letter.



B-28 Park street

Kolkata, West Bengal




A61 skyline Oasis

R.D Road


West Bengal

Subject: thank you letter

Dear Alisha

Thank you for the gift card that you gave me on my birthday. I appreciate your efforts and feelings. I have been particularly glad that you took time out of your busy schedule to attend my small party. Your presence on this day made it even more special since you have been an important part of my childhood.

I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving your card. I was especially touched by the pictures that you had pasted on the card from our childhood. I was moved by the affectionate messages that you wrote for me on that card. I am flattered by your efforts and want to thank you for that. The memories that we have made together will always stay close to my heart. I wish you all the happiness and luck in life.  May you continue to achieve greater success in your life.

Again, thank you so much. I appreciate your generosity.

Best Regards,


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