Thank You Letter For Wedding Present


Being thankful to people for the things they do for us is very simple, but often people tend to avoid it to give space to their ego.however it is something that can be easily conveyed through a simple thank you letter, and it does not even take much time.  It helps to build relationships as well as reflects on your personality. It also shows your professional attitude. These thank you letters should be timely and given within a week of receiving a kind gesture. It acts as an acknowledgment for someone’s sweet actions and efforts. One should have a big heart while thanking the person and should be courteous.

One often receives gifts on several occasions like birthdays, anniversary, special achievements, etc. Wedding gifts are often given by friends and family to the newly wed bride and groom. It is essential to acknowledge the person who has given you the present by thanking them and showing your gratitude towards their kind consideration.  A thank you letter for a wedding present is the easiest way to convey your gratitude. Address the person with due respect while writing the letter. One can also mention what that gift card meant to you or how it made you feel. Write the letter as soon as possible. Use polite language and show enough courtesy for their time and effort.  Use the sample given below to write your letter.




B-28 Park street

Kolkata, West Bengal





A-89 Breeze Tower

J.B Nagar


West Bengal

Dear Aman


I wish to thank you for the wedding present that you gave me. It meant a lot. I couldn’t believe that even with your hectic schedule you managed to attend the wedding and also the pre-wedding celebrations. I highly appreciate that. Talking to you always makes me happy and this time too it was equally joyous. Remember how we used to fight as kids? Those were some crazy memories that we made together.

Since our childhood, we have stayed together like closest friends. You have supported me throughout the years. I wish to thank you for your efforts and endless love. I couldn’t be happier seeing you on my big day. Send my regards to Aunty and uncle. Waiting to catch up with you soon.

Once again, thankyou for the lovely and thoughful present. Lots of love.

Best Regards,


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