Thank you letter for Scholarship

Thank you letter for Scholarship



A scholarship is a waiver of tuition fee- this means that the tuition fee can be made free of cost of the person will get some amount of discount of the final price. In such cases, the person who is granted scholarship should indeed respond to the grant with a thank you letter. Getting an award is considered prestigious and therefore should be followed by a long letter which expresses your gratitude for the same.

A Thank you letter for Scholarship is written by the successful recipient of a scholarship to the scholarship committee or company that offers the scholarship. This letter serves as a courtesy record to the scholarship provider of the recipient’s gratitude in accepting the scholarship. The letter can be simple, yet appreciative in its contents. Since it is a formal letter make sure your salutations are correct and professional. Do mention that you intend to use this scholarship to the best of your ability.



Joseph K. Gray

2881 Davis Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612


January 29, 2011



Paige & Associates

89900 Cliffside Road

Guilford, NY 13780

Dear Sirs

RE: Thank you for Scholarship


Respected Sir,

I had applied for a scholarship to reserve my seat at your prestigious institution. Since I belong to an economically weaker section, I was not able to pay the full fees and therefore had asked to be considered for the scholarship.

I am delighted to announce that I have received my grant, I am notably excited to receive your letter dated DD/MM/YYYY, which was offering me a scholarship to pursue my law degree at the University of Miami.

I cannot tell you how happy I was to receive such good news at the start of my second semester for my sophomore year. It is a blessing to have your college’s scholarship to help me further my studies. This 50% waiver in my tuition fee will most definitely help unload some financial burden that my parents were suffering.

Thank you for your faith and confidence in me. I promise that I shall perform well in my studies to prove my worthiness of your scholarship.

I am appreciative of your ‘no-ties’ scholarship offer. However, I promise to make the best use of this scholarship. I will be pursuing a part-time job for two reasons- to get some experience and further unload some of the financial burdens. Although as I have mentioned before I know, there are no terms to this scholarship I would still like to start paying back to the college’s trust fund as soon as I land my first job.

I shall forward you a copy of my new semester results for your perusal.

Yours sincerely,

Joseph Gray

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