Thank You Letter for Promotion

Thank you letter for Promotion


Receiving a promotion at your workplace is something that will improve your self-esteem and belief in your abilities. The fact that your coworkers and superiors take notice and are impressed by your work is indeed a very satisfying experience, especially if they deem you fit for a position of greater importance and responsibility and it is a well-accepted formality to express your gratitude to those who have helped you along the way.

A thank you letter for promotion is to be written by an employee who has been promoted in the company. It is directed to the immediate superior who has recommended him for promotion, or it could be directed to the management for effecting the promotion. Such a letter augurs well with the employee by the management as it reflects a friendly attitude and promotes a healthy working relationship. The letter must be brief, but enough to convey your feelings of gratitude.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of a Thank You Letter for Promotion.



Larry Richardson

Sales Manager

Crystal Technology & Products





Henry Adams

Sales Coordinator

Crystal Technology & Products


Subject: Thank you for the Promotion


Dear Sir,

Please allow me to express most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to you for recommending me to the post of Sales Coordinator in this company as of DD/MM/YYYY.

I am truly grateful for this promotion as I have only been with the Sales department two years. Since I joined this company, you have been the person who has had a massive influence on my both on my work as well as how I perceive things. I would like to thank you for teaching and showing me all the ropes during the two years to enable me to perform beyond what I ever expected to accomplish. I will certainly make use of this opportunity well to enhance the department’s goals and objectives, under your tutelage and guidance and I hope that I can repay your kindness and teaching in some way down the road.

I am incredibly blessed to have such an excellent superior who cares about his subordinates wellbeing and performances to want them to excel in their careers. I look forward to assisting you in bringing the Sales department to another level through sheer hard work and camaraderie.

Thank you again for believing in me enough to promote me to this new position, and I promise to accomplish all that I am capable of under your guidance.

Yours truly,


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