Thank You Letter For Invitation


When a person invites you to a certain occasion or special event that is when you write them a Thank You letter, and it is always a good idea. The purpose of the letter is to express your pleasure as well as gratitude for being invited whereas the the person inviting will also be glad and pleased that the invitation has been accepted by you sincerely and enthusiastically. The inviter will also feel special since you took out precious time out of your schedule to write a letter on the occasion/event. Given the fact that hosting an occasion is a great deal, getting such a delightful return gift is exceedingly satisfying and encouraging to organize further similar events in future.

A Thank You letter should contain all the positive aspects of the occasion while ignoring the unenthusiastic features. It should also have a mention of how fun and lovely are the get-together sessions. If the letter is written before the event occurs, you can also ask them if they need some assistance. In case, you cannot make it to their event; you can send them a Thank You letter with your reason and sincere apologies, as well as assuring them that you will try your best to and meet the inviter as soon as possible.


Sample Letter.


Priya Sehgal,
6/B Atur Apartments,
Mumbai, India.


Hiya Mehra,
8th bungalow,
King’s Road,

Dear Hiya,
Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for your wedding with Lalit. All of us have been waiting to see the two of you tying the knot. With that, I would like to thank you for inviting me and Rahul for your wedding on the DD/MM/YYYY. I can assure that we will be there to be a part of the celebration.

It’s been so long that all of us have met as a group and I hope everyone takes this opportunity and we all meet. The last time we met was at Andrew’s and Shreya’s wedding two years ago. I will be there two days before the wedding to help you and your family in the preparations for the wedding. I’m pleased to know that even though you have been living in a foreign country, you have not forgotten the Indian traditions and also made sure that the wedding takes place with all the Indian rituals.

I cannot wait to be there and enjoy your wedding. Also, we had planned for a surprise for your wedding, and I am sure you are going to love it. Though Lalit knows everything about the entire plan. Good wishes to you and your family. See you soon. Take care and enjoy your wedding shopping.

Thanking you,
yours faithfully,

Priya Sehgal.

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