Thank You Letter For Appreciation


You are not alone in enjoying praise and acknowledgment – everyone craves positive attention, including your boss. So when your manager does something particularly helpful or meaningful, take the time to say thank you for a letter of appreciation. It is the nice, polite thing to do, and most likely, your boss will appreciate the gesture.  A thank you letter for appreciation is a response letter by one who has been given a letter of appreciation. It would probably be an employee who is writing back to the boss for the appreciation accorded. It is a good response to take on to thank the person who writes to express his appreciation of you.

When you are looking for the job, there are a number of reasons to show appreciation to someone. The thank you letter can be sent to your former employer for reference letter, thank a freind for recommendation, thank a network for required information or thank the potential boss for the interview. You can even send a thank you letter for appreciating your work and giving you a bonus. The below mentioned sample letter will help you write the thank you letter effectively.

Sample letter:


James Silveira,

Advertising and Promotions Officer,

Sparkles Advertising Agency,




Valerie Pemberton,

Advertising and Promotions Manager,

Sparkles Advertising Agency,


Subject: Thank you for your appreciation of my work

Dear Ms/Mrs. Pemberton,

Allow me to say ‘Thank You’ for your kind expression of appreciation of my performance at work. I was indeed taken by surprise at your appreciation note as it was unexpected of, but which I was truly pleased.

I was only executing my responsibilities in giving my best to the company through our clients, some of whom are quite particular about our advertising ideas. I am glad that Sterner and Co. approved our designs and ideas very quickly this time round.

The rest of the advertising team was helpful to prepare everything in advance, in anticipating the client’s needs. So, I would have to share the appreciation call with them, if you don’t mind.

But, thanks again for your kind words which encourage me to continue my good performance.

Yours truly

James Silveira.

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