Thank You for your Help Letter


A Thank you for your help letter is written to express your appreciation of some assistance by the recipient of the letter to you. It is a good letter to write to inform the other party of your gratitude in receiving the help during your time of need which eased your burden. A thank you letter can be written to your neighbor or your friend or even your boss or a higher official who helped you in your hard times or at the time you need some help.

This letter is an informal letter, so there is no need to follow a specific format while writing the letter. Mention the help the recipient did and thank them for their kindness towards you. It is our duty to show our gratitude to the person who helped us in times of need. In the end, mention you would always be available and will help the recipient if they need you.


Sample Thank You Letter:


Cynthia D. Delapena

1680 Cook Hill Road

Madison, CT 06443

Date: January 22, 2017


Elmer R. Vickers

1649 Cook Hill Road

Madison, CT 06443

Dear Mr. Vickers

RE: Thank you for your help

I am Cynthia, your neighbor; I am writing this letter to express my thanks to you for helping me repair my family’s faulty computer last week. I called for a maintenance man so many times but he never responded but you came to help us. It was so kind of you to take time off your busy schedule to fix the computer for my children’s benefit. They are now ecstatic with the connection to the Internet although I have taken your advice to monitor their surfing activities. I am so glad that I have such a wonderful and caring neighbor who is willing to share his knowledge and expertise which is very rare these days. Our community would be a much better place if all residents were like you; willing to extend their hand of help whenever there is a need.

If you need some baking or food, just let me know. I am hopeless with electronics, but I can fill an empty stomach. I know that you are the only person at home and struggle to delicious food for yourself so do drop by anytime for a hot meal when you are free and want to eat delicious food; you are always welcome at our home. Once again thank you for the help you have done.

Yours Faithfully,


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