Thank You for the Interview Letter

Thank You for the Interview Letter


A thank you for the interview letter is a courteous response by an individual who is seeking a job and has just been to an interview. Writing a thank you for the interview letter will help boost the job seeker’s chances of selection by the hiring company as the candidate will be viewed favorably with this letter. It marks of a good and courteous behavior on the part of the job seeker. Thus it is highly recommended to write this letter. In general, it is important to be thankful and grateful to the hiring company for taking out time to attend you. Thus never skip on writing this letter.
This letter must be formal and professional. It must use appropriate language. The interviewee usually is a busy person thus writing a long letter doesn’t help. It might even irritate the person. Thus write in a brief, crisp and precise letter. Maintain your dignity and don’t indulge in too much flattery. Use words carefully and don’t write anything without giving it proper thought. As it might impact your chance of getting the job. On the other hand, a well written letter can also increase your job prospect. Thus it is always important to be gracious and write this letter. Use our sample letter below to write your letter.



Nina D. Sanders

368 Hill Street
Mansfield, OH 44907



Daniel S. Calvin

Zoo Administrator

San Diego Zoo

3120 Grim Avenue
San Diego, CA 92111

Dear Sir,

RE:  Thank you for the Interview

I am grateful for the kind opportunity that you provided for me to grant me an interview on the post of Zoo Administrative Assistant. I appreciate your time to interview me last Friday at such short notice as I understand your busy schedule.

The interview left me in awe with the good structure of the premise, its inhabitants, and the administration. Although I have worked in several veterinarian clinics before, I believe the interviewed position will grow my skills and knowledge with regards to flora and fauna at the esteemed San Diego Zoo.

I hope you will consider my application kindly for the said post and I look forward to hearing positively from you soon.

Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration on my application.

Yours truly,

Nina Sanders

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