Thank You for Interview Letter

Thank You for Interview LetterIntroduction

A thank you for interview letter is usually written by a job candidate to the company in response to the interview just conducted. Not only does the letter leave a good impression of the characteristic of the potential employee with the hiring firm, but it also serves to remind or impress the hiring firm of this particular candidate when it comes to choosing a suitable candidate for the vacancy.

Thank you for interview letter is a formal letter, so it is expected to maintain a professional tone in the letter with a positive note. Keep the letter short and readable as a lengthy letter may not create a positive impression. If you still have any problem regarding the letter, have a peek at the sample of this thank you for interview letter to get an idea to write it on your own.

Sample Letter

Following is the sample letter of Thank You For Interview Letter.



Michael M. Larkin,

4259 Worley Avenue,

South Hill, VA 29M70.



Carlton L. Tyler

Recruiting Manager,

Northern Transporters,

M7 Bern St. South Hill,

Evansville, IN M7.

Subject:- Thanking note for the support in an interview.

Dear Sir,

Kindly allow me to express my appreciation and gratitude for the interview I was fortunate to have attended on DD/MM/YYYY, of this month conducted by your good self and assistant, Ms. Summers. I was interviewed by the Branch Manager (South Hill) position.

The job description which you presented was very appealing, and I believe I am well qualified with my Business Administration degree and five years of an administrative position in various organizations previously. I hope to be an extra asset to Northern Transporters should I be privileged to be chosen for the interviewed position.

Thank you for the time you took off from your busy schedule to enlighten me of the company’s expectations and job requirements. Thank you for supporting me during the interview and giving me ample time to think and answer and guiding me during the interview.

I look forward to hearing favorably from you soon for this position.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Larkin,

295 Worley Avenue,

South Hill, VA 29M70.

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