Termination of Employment Letter

Termination of Employment Letter


A Termination of Employment letter can be a resignation or a dismissal; a resignation is a voluntary action by a company employee who wants to leave the company while a dismissal is the company’s prerogative in terminating the services of the employee. Either way, such a letter is a serious, formal letter and must be written with utmost care as it can cause much emotional distress to a person upon reception. So it should be written as considerately as possible to lessen this emotional pain. Such a letter should be sent with extreme care after much deliberation and confirmation.

The letter should be precise in stating the reasons for the harsh decision. It should quote the receiver’s request for voluntary dismissal if such is the case. In the case of imposed termination, the letter should state the reason clearly for the decision and then move on to console the reader in a tone that is appreciative of their effort during their stay and their individualistic qualities. It should make them feel better and state that their assets are better suited for some other environment. In the end, the letter should wish them the best for their future endeavours.

Sample Letters

The following is a sample letter for Termination of Employment Letter.


Joe Banker
Personnel Manager
Falkland Industries
Detroit, MI 42466

October 3, 2010


Jeremy Cohen
Accounts Clerk
Falkland Industries
Detroit, MI 42466

Dear Mr. Cohen,

RE: Termination of Employment

This letter serves you notice on the decision of terminating your employment with Falkland Industries as Accounts Clerk with effect from October 5, 2010. According to your contract of employment, the company reserves the right to terminate you without notice if your work performance is found to be below par after repeated counsel. The company has undertaken all possible measures to allow you to improve your performance but to no avail. You have made too many mistakes in your work which is very crucial to the welfare of this company, despite much training and reminders.

Hence, it is the company’s final decision to terminate your employment, with tomorrow as your last day of work. Kindly clear your work table of any personal belongings and hand over all company files and items to your supervisor, Ms. Jane Warren before 5:00 pm tomorrow. You can collect your dues from the Accounts Department before you leave once your supervisor has signed the clearance form on your behalf. We appreciate the effort you put in even though it didn’t meet our requirements. We also appreciate your values as a person and wish you the best in all your future endeavours.

Yours Sincerely
Joe Banker

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