Termination Of Consultancy Agreement Letter


Since consultants switch around companies very often, they are hired by business organizations for certain projects. When the organization does not require the services of the hired consultant, the need is fulfilled or the requirement is not being fulfilled by that consultant, the organization decides to terminate him or her from the service. Also, another reason could be that the consultant had been working on a contractual basis and now the contract has reached completion. And, hence, a Termination of Consultancy Agreement Letter is written by that organization to terminate a contract.

It is obligatory for the company to inform the consultant in written form instead of verbally telling him or her. The writer should script the letter very politely, irrespective of the reason for which the consultant is being terminated, so as not to spoil the relationship. The writer must also acknowledge the services provided by the consultant during the working period.

 Sample Letter

The following is a sample of a Termination of Consultancy Agreement Letter.


Sophia Miller

Chief Executive Officer,

Ace Hardware and Systems,

543-Amherst Street,

Edmonton, CA 825645,




Emma Jackson

89-Hebert Road,

Edmonton, CA 861756,


Subject: Termination of Consulting Services

Dear Mrs. Emma Jackson,

This letter is to inform you formally that the agreement of consulting services signed by you with our company, Ace Hardware and Systems, on DD/MM/YYYY, shall be terminated on DD/MM/YYYY.

The contract was supposed to be completed on DD/MM/YYYY, as per the principles stated by our company in the contract. One of the principles among these states that if either organization involved in the contract does not satisfy the expectations of the contract, the other organization shall have the right to discontinue the agreement signed before the accomplishment of the services. As per the recent requirement, you were supposed to send four candidates for the post of Hardware Engineer. The interviews were supposed to be held two weeks ago. However, no candidate had appeared for the same. We had made repeated attempts to get in contact with you but had not been responsive. This has caused severe inconvenience to our organization. Also, an unresponsive behaviour such as yours is intolerable to the management. Therefore, the management has agreed upon the decision to dismiss the contract signed with you.

We request you to schedule a meeting with us so that the payments could be settled. For any further details or information of any kind, you can contact us on 986463648 or email us at name@gmail.com.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Sophia Miller

Chief Executive Officer,

Ace Hardware and Systems

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