Termination Letter

Termination Letter


The termination letter is written by the employers when they want to fire an employee. This letter confirms the termination as well as has the details that the employee needs to know. Make certain that as an employer you keep a copy of the termination letter with yourself for records. These are the records that prove to be of importance when the employee files for unemployment and applies for other position or even files a lawsuit, you never know.

The sample termination letter mentioned in this article is a simple and direct form of termination. You can write this letter when you want to fire an employee. Make sure it is printed and sent out on the company letterhead. Also, it needs to be mailed to the employee from the company email address along with a signature of the employer.


Given below is a sample termination letter


Samuel Johnson

Head of Human Resource Department

Willis Corporation

Detroit, MI 42466



Ms. Catherine Smith

1845 Shorter Street

Myron, Illinois 40702

Subject: Termination of Employment

Dear Catherine,

This letter confirms your termination from employment at Willis Corporation as Sales Manager effective from DD/MM/YYYY. You will receive a severance pay because the employment tenure has been less than a year. The payment will be deposited into your account after you have signed the termination document and sent us back.

Also, the accrued PTO will be included in the final salary cheque that you will receive as usual on your last working day. You can either pick the pay cheque from the head, or we can even mail it to you at your address. Let me know what you prefer. Also, for being terminated, you are eligible for certain termination benefits and to discuss those you need to meet me at 4 pm on DD/MM/YYYY.

You are requested to submit your swipe card, office key, company laptop, cell phone and all other company belongings to your team leader before you leave. With regards to the W-2 form, we will contact you soon, so kindly provide your contact details to your team leader.

Please let us know if we can assist you during your transition. You can send in your questions latest by Friday so that we have time to sort it out before you leave.


Samuel Johnson

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