Termination Letter – Termination Letter for Misconduct


In any professional set up, the rules and guidelines are clearly mentioned and explained to all employees before they start working for the organization. The whole purpose of briefing them on these regulations is so that in no time in the future do they misuse the provisions given to them by another employee or organization. Such actions are always under strict purview by the authorities.

In case they do so, the organization holds the right to terminate the term the employee is expected to serve with the company. In other words, the company has the discretion to fire the employee. In these letters, the reason for dismissing the employee should be clearly mentioned. Attach as much proof as you can so that the employee does not sue the company for wrongful termination of the employee by the company. For information on how to write your own customized version, follow the sample letter given below.



Sachin Kumar

The UC Company

8 Udyog Vihar



Human Resource Department

The UC Company

8 Udyog Vihar


Subject: Termination of Employment

Mr. Kumar,

On 8th August we received a complaint from a fellow employee (the name shall not be disclosed by the organization as the employee has exercised his or her right to remain anonymous). The complaint stated that you were stealing leads that were meant for the company for your own use and retaining the profits obtained by connecting these leads directly to customers.

Given that you work in the business development team, each and every member is trusted with the responsibility of not disclosing inside information to potential leads. You not only disclosed this information to the leads but also directly connected them to consumers without passing the lead through our program. This is a violation of our policy.

The human resource department has looked into the matter closely and after carefully tapping your calls and emails (the company has the legal right to look into your records) we have found out that you were indeed selling leads. You have so far cost the company 5 lakh rupees.

Given the extent of your actions, the board of directors has decided to terminate your employment effective immediately. You will be leaving the company without any full and final exit letter from our end.

We will also be recovering the damage you have caused from your security deposit. In case of any discrepancies, contact the office’s legal team.

Thank you

Human Resouces


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